RUST V2 Map Reset [07/20/2019]

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The RUST V2 Map was just wiped.
Join for a fresh new start this reset!

Here's the list of changes for this reset:

Regular Map:
+ Completely remade swamp biome
+ Added a new nuke crater (Buildable rad-zone)
+ Flattened more areas around the map
/ Fixed some map errors (Like unraidable spots and weird-looking terrain)

Duel & Tournament Maps:
+ Duel maps will now cycle every wipe
+ Added new duel maps:
  • Arena (An open map with very little cover)
  • Generator (An abandoned generator town, medium cover)
  • Train (Train track down the middle, enclosed by two mountains and a bridge running across the top)
- Removed duel maps: Ruins, Village, and Mirage
? Added tournament maps: CastleWars

No game updates for the beginning of this reset. Tournaments were just released so we'll continue testing and updating the tournament system. More game updates to come later.

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Not open for further replies.