RUST V2 Map Reset [11/3/2018]

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The RUST V2 Map was just wiped.
Join for a fresh new start this reset!

Here's the list of changes for this reset:

Regular Map:
+ Added new Volcano
+ Added more caves
/ Terrain updates all around the map
/ Fixed map errors
/ Fixed & adjusted some regions
/ Fixed most random Plains biome patches (Please report coords if you find more)
/ Relocated Recyclers
/ Updated Rules at spawn to match forums

Duel Maps:
+ Duel map, Village, returns
/ Duel maps balance updates: Bridge, Temple, Dust 2, Village
/ Duel maps minor changes: Valley, Abandoned Village, Ruins
/ Fixed many map errors on all maps
/ Added more block padding on select maps to improve the spectating experience

+ Added flamethrower (Not craftable)
+ Added /filterchat (Hides messages from non-allies)
+ Added /find (Find your home/other locations)
+ Added better motorcycle physics
+ Added new motorcycle boost mod
/ Fuel costs more, but is more efficient
/ Molotovs now require only 1 fuel
/ Fixed old motorcycle bugs
/ Duel PVP timer increased to 30 seconds
/ Fixed PVP tagging from DEAD players
/ Fixed double deaths in duels
/ Fixed placing blocks inside of self
/ Fixed commands in duel bug
/ Simplified /duel request a bit
/ Changing map in duels now unready's everyone
/ You can now reload in vehicles
/ Fixed some anti-cheat issues
/ Renamed SPAZ-12 to SPAS-12
/ Reduced Iron-Plated cost from 20 -> 14
/ Other bug fixes

Giveaways will be put on hold for a little while. They will start again sometime in the next 2 weeks.
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